Thursday, December 9, 2010


The most popular and favourable sport in Chile is soccer, or ‘futbol’ (football). It is traditionally begun with English immigrants in the port city of Valparaiso. The passion for football became well-known with the 1962 World Cup held in Chile, making it the popular sport in the country. In Chile and all parts of the city, you may find boys playing soccer whenever they can. The two best teams in Chile are the University of Chile team and the Colo-Colo team which named after the Mapuche chief.

The Rodeo
In Chile, rodeo is considered a national sport since 1962. There are events held every weekend in Central and Southern part of Chile. Chilean rodeo is different from the North America rodeo. Originally, the Spanish ranchers hosted an annually event to show off their cattle-leading skills in Santiago. This event has changed into a competitive of skill and horsemanship over the years. The riders are called ‘huasos’ and they have to perform this sport while in their traditional clothes. As a result, it has become a popular spectator sport due to its colourful costumes and fine horsemanship.

Snow Skiing
Close to Santiago, the Andean mountain range and in the far southern provinces, is the two ideal locations for skiing. Chile has a total of 14 ski centres. The best period to travel is during June to September/October for skiing. The world famous ski resort is Portillo, in Chile followed by a few popular ski resorts such as the Farellones and Valle Nevado.

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