Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Chilean la Viqa Music Festival
Chilean la Viqa Music Festival is one of the major music festivals in Chile. It draws several spectators and performers from all across the globe. It is an international event in the country where it also provides a great opportunity for the local artist to perform in front of the global spectators. Chilean la Viqa Music Festival usually run for 5 days in Chile and it showcases the rich cultural heritage of Latin America.

Fiestas Patrias(Chile’s Independence Day)
Fiestas Patrias means patriotic parties, it is a time for all Chileans to gather together and celebrate their country, culture and independence. This celebrate is held on 18 September, Chile independence from Spain since 1810. However, Chile is only officially proclaimed its independence in 12 February 1818. There are parades, dances, drinking, eating traditional Chilean food and music during the celebration. Parades include ‘huasos’, the traditional Chilean cowboys.

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