Thursday, December 9, 2010


Economical Changes
With the development of the amusement park, it increases the tourist arrivals in Chile and tourist receipts. Hence, it has greatly improves the economy of Chile it uses to attract mainly tourist to generate more revenue for the country. This revenue will in turn to improve the standard of living in Chile and develop Chile into a more friendly country that welcomes tourists. Hence, the government will focus more on tourism development as it will generate the highest revenue in the future.

Social-Cultural Changes
When there is an influx of tourist visiting Santiago, Chile, for their theme park, Fantasilandia, it will threaten the indigenous group’s culture. Tourist would now travel to Santiago, Chile, for the theme park instead of to experience the culture of Chile.

Facilities developed for Fantasilandia has benefited residents, especially the theme park itself is a weekend hangout place to bond family. Fantasilandia targeted all age group. In the Fantasilandia, there is the kids’ zone, the attractions for the teens and also for the adults. Usually family will spend one whole day with their children at the theme park. Other facilities such as infrastructures are built to cater to the tourists as it is accessible to reach Fantasilandia. These infrastructures have benefited the residents too as they can travel easy to different destinations.

Another factor is the culture clashes due to irritation of tourist behaviour. The locals might not get used to the behaviour of the tourist such as their dressing style. Americans tourists tends to be very open such as wearing as little and light as they like, however, the locals will dress appropriately to suit the place that they are going. We the mixture of culture by two different groups, the locals might be influenced by the tourists and soon becoming more fashionable. Usually it affects the most on teenagers than the older generation people.

Environmental Changes
Cultural environment have evolved to globalised environment where tourism takes place. Lesser locals especially the younger generations tend not to practice their usual customs due to the influences of foreigners. Soon with such influences, the younger generation will grow up knowing lesser information of their own culture especially those festivals that are held in the past and are not celebrated now. Younger generation will only know the globalised environment rather than their ancestor’s culture. This is the biggest change that the growth tourism has affected Chile.

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