Thursday, December 9, 2010


1. Theming
It is the clothing institutions or objects in a narrative that is largely unrelated to the institution or object to which it is applied, such as a casino or restaurant with a Wild West narrative. (Bryman, 2004)

In Fantasilandia, there is an enchanted castle under the category of terror attraction which is actually a haunted castle, where employees are dressed in costume and character at all times. The scene was ranging from Blair Witch, The Grudge, Saw, Friday the 13th and many more. They use the theme to attract tourists and locals to go to their amusement park where they can generate more revenue. This enchanted castle has to pay an additional fee in order for you to enter other than the entrance fee to the entire amusement park, Fantasilandia. In addition, there is the Pirates of Carribean as one of the attractions in Fantasilandia.

Enchanted Castle

Performing artists for Pirates of the Carribean

2. Hybrid Consumption
It is a general trend whereby the forms of consumption associated with different institution associated with different institutional spheres become interlocked with each other and increasingly difficult to distinguish. (Bryman, 2004)

3. Merchandising
It is the promotion and sale of goods in the form of or bearing copyright images and/or logos, including such products made under license. (Bryman, 2004)

In the Fantasilandia, there are souvenir shops where their ‘Fantasilandia’ logos are printed on all the souvenirs. The company are using the logos to attracts more tourists to buy merchandise from them as a souvenir that shows they been to Fantasilandia.

Souvenir shop

4. Performative labour
It is the growing tendency for frontline service work to be viewed as a performance, especially one in which the deliberate display of a certain mood is seen as part of the labour involved in service work. (Bryman, 2004)

In Fantasilandia, they are clowns performances under the category of magic. These employees who are employed to be a clown in Fantasilandia, they have to portray a happy and funny mood at all times to entertainment the visitors. The mood that they display might not be their real mood; however, their job scope requires them to portray a happy mood just like any other clown would be.

Performing artists

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