Thursday, December 9, 2010


Fantasilandia is the ‘Disney’ in the modern society in Chile. Fantasilandia is a Chilean largest amusement park. The park is opened in 1978 and it is situated in a corner of the O’Higgins Park in Santiago where tourist chose to stay when in Chile. The park features a variety of rides and activities for all ages. It is a favourable hang out for family bonding while having fun together.

Fantasilandia is just like many other modern amusement parks and it has excellent security and safety precautions. The rides are all vary in different theme and all types of arts in Chile, and it has an age limit to certain ride. The park has four types roller coaster rides together with a haunted house and a toboggan ride. In Fantasilandia, there are also restaurants, facilities, and shops for people to eat and shop there.

Fantasilandia operates only on the weekends and holidays during the month of April to November, usually targeting at locals families, and then open every day during December to March to cater to the period where most tourists travel to Chile.

Fantasilania's Map

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