Thursday, December 9, 2010


Personally, I feel that tourism is the culprit in commodifying cultures and traditions in Chile. Cultures and traditions are losing to tourism in terms of attractions that are offered to the tourists. Tourists are seeking for holiday destination that they can indulge in another world. Fantasy world such as Disneyland and other themed parks are places where tourists would never fail to visit. Hence, with the Fantasilandia in Chile, tourist will be excited to visit compared to attending a music festivals in the same location, especially if they are travelling with families. Fantasilandia caters to all aged groups and children are often not interested in festivals as compared to theme park.

However, I do have another point of view is that tourism can be a good form of creating awareness of the local’s cultures and traditions. Some tourists travel to experience difficult cultures and traditions, these hence causing the locals to stage their cultures and traditions to the tourists. Although the performance is not authentic, it still helps to promote and create awareness of the local’s cultures and traditions so as to allow the younger generation of the locals to appreciate their cultures and traditions. These cultures and traditions will be passed down from one generation to another.

In a nutshell, tourism has been or has not been a culprit in commodifying cultures and traditions. It is depends on the individual point of view as everyone has different perception.

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